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Saturday October 10, 1998. A red-letter day in my life. It was Homecoming on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus. The Badgers were playing Purdue in a night game. The game proved to be a record breaking affair as Purdue quarterback Drew Breese connected on a record 55 out of 83 passes. But that wasn't enough as the Boilermakers went down to defeat 31-24.

But all that remains a footnote because at about 5 o'clock that afternoon, I met Cathy......

Cathy started out young (as most people do)

Ayounger.jpg (24468 bytes)


But she quickly grew into the captivating goddess you see before you.

Amaturecjb.jpg (16385 bytes)

People have been known to actually get lost while driving to work because of the mere thought of her.

Here's another. She is in Prauge in this picture. Notice the extreme cuteness.

cutie.jpg (14551 bytes)

The Cathy and Jeff story is just beginning......

Stay tuned for the crazy antics of this couple in their quest to find the perfect Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.