Heres a partial list of the fun stuff Cathy and I have done together.

Visited my Uncle Dick and Aunt Gloria in Boulder Junction. We had an excellent time and can't wait to go again. The trip included a golf expidition where Cathy won by 1 stroke when she holed a long snaking putt to win on the last hole. I bought lunch. We also went on a canoe trip and a couple of pontoon boat rides.

Went to Germanfest

Went to Polishfest (incidently Polish is an interesting word. It changes its pronounciation if its initial letter in not capitalized)

Celebrated Christman at Cathy's parents house with Jim and Jane (her parents), Sue and John (sister and brother in law) and their kids Matt and Katie

Went to the State Fair (Where we met John and Sue Mueller who I havent seen in years and got doused with ketchup by some smart ass kid that will be sorry if I ever catch him.)

Numerous Movies

We went neighborhood shopping. (Thats where we look for places we might like to live)

A couple of Badger Football games including the biggie on October 10th

Badger Hockey game.

The Brewers vs the Reds on Friday August 7. They lost 8-2. We had to sit in front these really annoying teenager-type girls.)

My mom's retirement party

My Grandmas 90th Birthday.

We had a rousing evening with Cathy's friends Sally, Jane amd Kathy Ziggy (Whom I refer to as "The Twins.")

Lots of restaurants and stores and stuff.

We had a wine tasting party at Cathy's house. Lots of wine was tasted. In fact all of it. Next time we have to get a case of cheap stuff to break out at the end of the evening.

We went to Jazz on the Park at Cathedral Square in Milwaukee. It was very relaxing. We sat on our blanket and listened to the music for a couple of hours. Next time we'll bring cheese and crackers and stuff

Walks down by Lake Michigan.

There was another festival but I cant remember what it is called. It was in the area around Cathedral Square. Lots of non-standard beer.

Walks down the Riverwalk and the 3rd Ward in downtown Milwaukee