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General observations
Greg will be the Master of Ceremonies for these Pools. Any strange situations encountered will be ruled on by him in his typical fair and logical manner.

The $200 entry fee must be in Greg's hands by Sept 9th. If it is not you will not be participating in these pools for the 2004 NFL season.

All payouts for the weekly winners, Pick'em Champs and over all confidence winners will be made at the end of the NFL regular season.

In the confidence pools you must pick ALL the games for a particular week at the same time. The suggested method is to read your preferred NFL info source and decide on your picks both SU and AS and rank these picks. Once you have these set then log in and enter the picks. Once the first game of the week has started you wont be able to pick any games for that week. (Im working on changing this so you can pick any game that hasnt already started) So it will be key to get your picks in on time.

In the confidence pools, ties lose. In order to get your points you must pick the winner.

In the Pick'em pools, ties lose. In order to continue you must pick the winner or loser depending on which pool it is.

There will be more additions to the list of rules as situations present themselves.

Feel free to enter data and play around with the site. I will be emptying out all the test data on Sept 1st. Any picks made before then will be erased.

Ive set up a mailing list with all people in the pools. Sending an email to nfl@happyjack.doit.wisc.edu will send an email to the entire group. Useful for administrative messages and trash talk.